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MITANNI Abogados y Economistas

It is a firm that was founded in 1975 with headquarters in Rambla Catalunya, in the heart of the business district of Barcelona. MITANNI Abogados y Economistas was founded and initially worked as a tax and legal advice boutique addressed to the businesses of its customers. It later became a comprehensive tax, legal and economic-financial consultancy office, with two fully coordinated areas of operation offering optimal advice and proven professionalism with a view to providing top-level services both nationally and internationally. Our personal involvement in all the affairs with which clients entrust us is key to building close relations with them.

Our lawyers and economists represent a broad range of businesses and people, both in Spain and overseas. Experienced, amenable, efficient and committed to professional excellence, we are proud of our ability to detect customer needs and to act swiftly to provide the optimal solution to your requirements.

Since we are a multidisciplinary office, staffed by a broad range of professionals with different profiles, and believe firmly in teamwork, we have the capacity to work more effectively in different disciplines.

Our mission is simply to solve any legal, economic-financial or tax consultancy challenge that we may face, by establishing a team with our client and to provide tailored service with a view to understanding their needs and objectives better and therefore being able to offer them better solutions.

Against a backdrop of ongoing internationalisation, MITANNI Abogados y Economistas maintains contact with benchmark firms in major countries, which enables us to accompany our clients with their investments and business overseas with the security of backing from the right associates.